About Bárbara

Bárbara Lennie joined us in the 2019 of the festival to present her latest films ‘El reino‘ and ‘Todos lo saben‘.

Born the 20 April of 1984 in Madrid, she is a well-known Spanish actress and her outstanding credits include ‘Magical Girl’, ‘Obaba’ and ‘El Niño’ and the television series ‘Isabel’ and ‘El incidente’.

She was nominated in the Goya Awards for Best New Actress in 2005 and double candidate in 2014 for ‘El Niño’ as Best Supporting Actress and won for ‘Magical Girl’ in the category of Best Leading Actress.

In 2017, she won the Feroz Awards and was nominated again in the Goya Awards for her leading role in ‘María (y los demás)’.

She also starred in the films ‘La enfermedad del domingo‘ also presented at the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival, and in ‘Petra‘.

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