Cris Trenas

Cris Trenas will be at the ASFF 2024 Closing Night, alongside Santos Bacana, Rogelio González and C Tangana, on Sunday April 21 at Pathé Tuschinski, presenting their documentary film ESTA AMBICION DESMEDIDA.

The love for cinema and audiovisual content creation is the driving force behind Cristina Trenas’ career. Throughout her career, she has worked in content production for internationally renowned institutions and companies such as the United Nations in New York, National Geographic in Cambodia and Volkswagen in Berlin.

In 2015, her talent and dedication were recognized with a Fulbright scholarship to study screenwriting at UCLA, one of the most prestigious institutions in the field of cinematography.

After completing her studies, Cristina joined Participant Media, a production company recognized for its commitment to social causes and where she worked on critically acclaimed films, such as “An Uncomfortable Sequel”, “Wonder”, “The Pentagon Papers” and “Human Flow.” During her time there, Cristina developed her skills as a producer and reinforced her desire to create content that leaves a significant mark.

Two years later, she decided to explore the world of advertising and video clips where, by carrying out extremely complicated productions, she learned to adapt to changing trends and new formats in the audiovisual sector.

Currently, Cristina resides in Madrid, a city where in 2020 she co-founded Little Spain, an emerging production company that has stood out for its innovative content. In her role as creative producer, she uses her extensive experience to balance creativity and production.

Cristina Trenas’ path is marked by diversity, dedication and curiosity, which has led her to become a prominent figure in the film industry. Her passion for cinema, as a spectator and as a creator, her commitment to impactful content, and her nomadic vision are the pillars of her success.


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