Gard Passchier

Gard Passchier

Joop Gard Passchier rose to fame in the 80s in Ibiza as the co-founder of the group of designers and dancers LOCOMIA, alongside Xavi, Manolo, and Luis.

Gard ran the LOCOMIA boutique where they sold their eccentric outfits that made the group stand out. Broad shoulders, pointed shoes, and big fans were the trademarks of the group’s designs. He was the only Dutch member of LOCOMIA, working alongside his Spanish colleagues.

Gard is also the creator of the iconic LOCOMIA logo, which he made by hand.

In the 90s, Gard recorded his own LP in Bologna, Italy, featuring his own lyrics and voice, accompanied by a tour in Italy. These days, Gard runs his company in Makeup and Fashion productions, “BOCCABACIO,” with his partner Roberto Dresia in The Hague, Netherlands.

Gard will join us during the Q&A of “DISCO, IBIZA, LOCOMIA,” alongside JAIME LORENTE, on Friday, April 12th, at Pathé Tuschinski.


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