Javier Fesser

Javier Fesser

Javier Fesser will be at the ASFF 2024 Special Event presenting his film CAMPEONEX on Wednesday April 17 at Pathé Tuschinski. He will also attend a Q&A session after the screenings of the film on Tuesday April 16 at Filmkoepel Haarlem and Thursday April 18 during the educational program screening at Pathé Tuschinski.

Javier Fesser (Madrid 1964) is a storyteller. It’s been thirty-eight years since he was lucky enough to find in cinema the most suitable language to tell stories. In all his work, from short films, advertising spots, some television programs or miniseries for the Internet, to the seven feature films he has written and directed to date, he has always tried to reflect his particular vision of the life and the characters that inhabit it in a very personal way, with humor and tenderness.

Multi-awarded internationally, including six Goyas and a nomination for the Oscar, his films reach, only in movie theaters, more than 14 million spectators. CAMPEONES, a comedy full of emotion that revolves around people with intellectual disabilities, was also chosen by the Film Academy to represent Spain in the 2019 edition of the Oscars and gave him the National Sports Award that year. His last film, CAMPEONEX, premiered in August 2023, remained for four weeks number 1 at the box office in Spain.

Outside the commercial circuit, he has written and directed, in collaboration with organizations such as Unicef, OEI or Action Against Hunger, several fiction medium-length films focused on Education. All of them have been multi-awarded internationally and have become part of the educational program in hundreds of schools throughout Spain.

Author of the novels LOS DÍAS DE COLORES and THREE DAYS IN THE VALLEY, he is also the creator of NOTODOFILMFEST, one of the most prestigious and long-running online short film festivals from around the world.

He is currently in the post-production process of his first series, which will be released in autumn 2024 on the Disney + platform.


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