Juan Daniel F. Molero

Juan Daniel F. Molero

About Juan Daniel

Juan Daniel F. Molero is a filmmaker and cultural manager from Perú. His experimental feature film “Reminiscences” (2010) was exhibited at MoMA, the Lima Museum of Art and at festivals such as BACIFI, the Marseille Festival and the Rotterdam Festival, among others. He has also scheduled and organized avant-garde film shows for Cinema Tropical, Anthropology Film Archives and the Lima Independent Film Festival. Molero is the director of the first Lost Image Festival.

His first fiction feature film “Videofilia (and other viral syndromes)”, winner in 2014 of the Hubert Bals Fund for post-production, had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Festival (IFFR 2015), being the first Peruvian film in history to win the Tiger Award, one of the most important awards in the world of cinema. Juan Daniel joined us in our 1st edition to present this film!

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