Júlia de Paz

Júlia de Paz

Júlia de Paz Solvas studied at ESCAC University, where she specialized in film directing. As final work, Júlia made a short film entitled Ama (2018), seeking to represent motherhood from a renewed point of view, distancing from mythologization. In the last edition of the Ibicine Festival, (Ibiza Film Festival), La Dalia Films awarded the short film to produce the adaptation into a feature film.

Ama, the first feature film by Júlia de Paz Solvas and which has featured Estefanía de los Santos and Chema del Barco among others, was finally shot during the global pandemic between March and June 2020. The film was selected in the past edition of the Malaga Film Festival, obtaining 2 awards, and also in the San Sebastián Film Festival this year.


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