La Dani

La Dani will be at the ASFF 2024 Opening Night, alongside Alejandro Marín, on Friday April 12 at Pathé Tuschinski, presenting their film TE ESTOY AMANDO LOCAMENTE. They will also attend a Q&A after the screenings of the film on Saturday  April 13 at LAB111 and Filmkoepel Haarlem.

With a musical career that spans 27 singles, Daniel Fernández Pozo, better known as La Dani, makes a leap into cinema. This artist from Malaga makes their debut on the big screen playing an LGTBI activist in the film ‘Te estoy Amando locamente’ (‘Love&Revolution’), set in Seville in the 1970s.

La Dani is not just a name in the world of music; they are also a reference for the LGTBIQ+ group. Their art transcends genres, advocating for the visibility of non-binary identities in culture and music.

Their autobiographical lyrics explore topics such as their childhood, female influences, and the need for diversity in urban music. Their musical style is a fusion of reggaeton, flamenco, electronica and r’n’b.

In 2020, La Dani rose to fame with their first big hit, Banana Split. More recently, they have released an EP titled Xiaomi, where they move away from ostentation and redefines the concept of success, challenging the sexist and neoliberal norms that often prevail in the world of reggaeton.

In 2023, La Dani stars in the film ‘Te estoy Amando locamente’ (‘Love&Revolution’), by Alejadro Marin, and wins a Feroz Award for this role.


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