About Moreno

Moreno Borja is a Spanish actor with gypsy origin known for his role in the film ‘Carmen y Lola‘. With his role in this film, that he presented in the past edition of the festival in 2019, the actor has gone from working as a security guard to a Goya Nominee!

His film career has not ceased since he recorded the film. We have seen him in movies like ‘El verano que vivimos‘ or ‘Adios‘, starring with Blanca Suárez, Mario Casas or Carlos Bardem, and in TV series like ‘La Peste‘ and ‘Arde Madrid‘, which also presented in Amsterdam last year.

Borja has entered Spanish cinema through the front door, with a nomination for Revelation Actor, but also with a bunch of projects in his arm. Moreno has a role in the new Prime series ‘Hernán Cortés‘, playing Hernán’s own father with Óscar Jaenada and he is also in the HBO’s ‘Patria‘.

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