Rogelio González

Rogelio González

Rogelio González will be at the ASFF 2024 Opening Night, alongside Cris Trenas, Santos Bacana and C Tangana, on Sunday April 21 at Pathé Tuschinski, presenting their documentary film ESTA AMBICION DESMEDIDA.

Rogelio learned to understand life through the world of skateboarding. It was the need to capture the essence of this urban and subversive culture that made him a film director and audiovisual creative. His interactive design studios in London, his critical spirit and his ability to take risks, caught the attention of two major production companies of the moment, Sauvage and CANADA, opening the doors to a new stage in which he worked with high-profile brands such as Maserati, Asics, Nike and Netflix.

After achieving national and international recognition, his desire to continue growing as a professional and creative led him to Little Spain, a production company that shares his innovative vision and commitment to talent. In this new scenario, Rogelio has directed some of the most iconic music videos on the Spanish music scene, with artists of the caliber of C.Tangana, Nathy Peluso and The Parrots, reaffirming his creative versatility.

However, his goal is cinema, a passion that has led him to create two short films: “Santos” and “Now You Know”. These two cinematographic creations have won numerous renowned festivals in Spain, Berlin and London.

Rogelio intends to enter the world of fiction. After many years writing and directing short films, he feels ready to take the leap and tell longer, deeper stories. With a feature-length script already on the way, his goal is to continue creating narratives that make the world a more tolerable place.


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