Santos Bacana

Santos Bacana

Santos Bacana will be at the ASFF 2024 Closing Night, alongside Cris Trenas, Rogelio González  and C Tangana, on Sunday April 21 at Pathé Tuschinski, presenting their documentary film ESTA AMBICION DESMEDIDA.

Santos Bacana, born in Madrid, writes, creates and directs film projects. In 2017, guided by the ambition to explore new creative formulas, he moved to Los Angeles, where he stayed for six years. During his stay, he absorbed the city’s cultural wealth; its vibrant characters and unique architecture will inspire the way he perceives cinematic spaces.

Currently, back in his native Madrid, Santos is co-founder of “Little Spain” along with María Rubio, Antón Álvarez and Cristina Trenas. As creative director of the project, he has played a crucial role in the consolidation of the production company in the sector, highlighting the production of the El Madrileño video clips.

In addition to his work at Little Spain, Santos has cultivated a successful career as an advertising director, directing advertisements for recognized brands such as Correos, Telepizza and Sonora. His work is distinguished by the uniqueness of his voice, his cultural references and an extremely careful aesthetic.

Currently, he is co-writing his debut feature with screenwriter Clara Roquet, a project that promises to be a milestone in his career.

Regarding the future, its objective is to continue positioning “Little Spain” as a national and international reference, without losing sight of its essence. The innovation, authenticity and global vision of its projects have their roots in immigrant melancholy and a deep love for creativity in all its forms.


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