Víctor Erice

About Víctor

Víctor Erice, visited us this year in Amsterdam for the Going Back to the Golden Age, Portraying Spanish Masters on the Canvas in Motion program, in which he shared with us his knowledge in a masterclass about painting and cinema.

Spain’s National Prize-winner of Cinematography in 1993, entered the Spanish School of Cinema in 1961. With a complete education in visual arts, Erice has not only worked as a film director but also as a screenwriter, film critic, and lately he has been involved in teaching activities through different workshops on Cinema and Painting.

In these workshops and lectures he explores the relationship that these two mediums have shared since its origin. Yet it is from a poetic point of view through the use of pictorial references that – according to the Spanish director – painting will help cinema to free itself from the literary and theatrical artifice inherited from its origin.

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