Ahora que hay tiempo Now that there is time

Ahora que hay tiempo Now that there is time

About the film

A simple voice message hides a much greater meaning during the eternal days of confinement. It might seem easy, just a gesture of communication, but it turns to be struggle, like a cry for help. At the end it is really nothing more than that, a simple voice message.

Fran is isolated alone in Madrid during the confinement of the COVID-19 pandemic. The construction works are still outside his house, but he cannot go out. Nor to say what he postponed before and which he cannot now. Or maybe he can.

‘Now that there is time’ is a confined short film about the things we would like to say but that we don’t dare and we postpone in time until we realize that, sometimes, there is no more time than the now.

It is also is also the way that two film students who finished their studies in the year of the Pandemic found to overcome the creative block suffered during the quarantine and express, with the limited resources available, some of the things that they felt in that – so complicated – time.

Made entirely between Jesús Choya Zataraín (Santander, Spain, 1999) and Diego Zarzuelo Herrero (Valladolid, Spain, 1994), roommates and students of production and cinematography respectively at the Madrid Film School (ECAM), Now that there is time was completed from writing to editing in less than a week at the end of strict confinement in Spain.

Stills from the movie


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