Alatriste Captain Alatriste, The Spanish Musketeer

Alatriste Captain Alatriste, The Spanish Musketeer

About the film

The film Alatriste, based on a contemporary series of novels by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, is framed in an artistic period, the Golden Age, with pictorial and literary references that are difficult not to focus on.

The director of the film, Agustín Díaz Yanes, was willing to capture the reality of that time and in his attempt to faithfully represent the 17th Century, he took paintings by Velázquez as a reference in order to cinematographically reproduce the colours of that time, and convey both the splendour and decadence of imperial Spain with the same naturalism and realism as the baroque painters.

“Exciting and bleak. (...) A solid historical discourse (...) among the most visually powerful that Spanish cinema has given in years.”

— M. Torreiro, El País

Festival & Awards Winner: 3 Goya Awards and 15 Nominations, Nominated for Best Film at Forqué Awards 2006, 2 Nominations at European Film Awards 2007

Stills from the movie


Opening Film & Visit Exhibition Rembrandt-Velázquez. Dutch & Spanish Masters. After the film Spanish ham will be served thanks to our Maestra Cortadora Cati Gómez.
10 January
Rijksmuseum Auditorium


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