About the film

Breathe is a documentary about the female inmates at the penitentiary of Can Brians 1. The film gives a voice to imprisoned women and reflects on the current prison system exploring if the judicial system is favorable to women from a health care, hygiene, and bioethics point of view.

Breathe put faith in realistic and direct filming that shows life in prison. How do you live a life in the absence of freedom? We vindicate these women as the subject of speech because they are often silenced. We also reflect on whether the judicial and penitentiary systems are favorable from a political, social, and bioethical point of view in the lives of these inmates.

“Breathe reflects on the usefulness of the prison to rectify the lives of women who were already destroyed before they arrived”


Festivals & Awards Winner: Official selection Seminci International Film Festival Valladolid 2021


06 October
OBA Oosterdok  €10,00

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