Calladita The quiet maid

About the film

Ana, recently arrived from Colombia, is a maid in a luxurious mansion where a wealthy family of art dealers spend their summer holidays. The young woman works from sunrise to sunset and without a contract, under the promise of decent conditions at the end of the summer, as long as she is discreet and quiet. But through Gisela, the employee of the neighbouring house, Ana will discover that things don’t work exactly as she has been told. She will learn to have a little more fun during her summer on the Costa Brava.

In 2021, Variety selected the director Miguel Faus as one of the ten Spanish filmmakers to watch. With good reason. “The Quiet Maid” is fresh, convincing, and strong with a great pace and plot. “The Quiet Maid” is also the first European feature film to finance itself by selling NFTs and subsequently win the Steven Soderbergh Foundation Grand Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

“Combines a distinctive tone and striking visual sense with a knock-out performance from Paula Grimaldo”



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