About the film

The film follows the sex life of Mila, a thirty-something who moves to l’Empordà with her partner. They’re a seemingly perfect couple. They just can’t manage to have sex anymore. While trying to maintain the passion in her relationship, and attempting to explain things to her partner, Mila reflects on her sexual awakening, from adolescence back to early childhood.

Through a journey into Mila’s past, the film explores identity, desire, guilt and repression in relation to the body and sexuality. 

No real defining trauma, no single key event, but an accumulation of humiliations, things unsaid and treated as taboo, filmed starkly and non-melodramatically by the actress-filmmaker. More than a psychoanalytical session, the film is an archaeological expedition into one person’s sexuality that is the experience of many. The director tackles these issues boldly, without judging or moralizing, and invites us to redefine our own relationship with sex and desire.

“Daring and dazzling 'Creatura'... a bold proposal free of taboos”


Festivals & Awards Winner:

Best European Film Award Cannes International Film festival 2023


26 November

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