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About the film

Destello bravío follows Isa, Cita and other women trying to break out of their static lives. A group of ladies lunch and gossip. Old María mourns her deceased husband, Paco. Sometimes, someone hears a sound that escapes everyone else. Female lusts flare up, whether stimulated by home-baked sweet treats or not. Everything sounds different at night and in the early hours of the morning.

This highly original drama often looks like a documentary, but also takes inspiration from surrealism and magic realism. Using non-professional actors, a very special, disruptive electronic soundtrack and suggestive camerawork, Destello bravío proves that even the everyday can be exceptional.

“Unclassifiable debut film. An unsuspected cross between anthropological documentary and a certain avant-garde cinema.”

— El Mundo

Festivals & Awards Winner: 2 Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2021 • 1 Vilnius International Film Festival 2021 Award

Stills from the movie


14 November
Eye Filmmuseum , 11€


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