El mundo sigue Life Goes On

El mundo sigue Life Goes On

About the film

El mundo sigue is a drama that reflects the poverty and misery suffered by Spaniards under Franco’s rule, whereby most characters are united in their inability to prosper with dignity. This film manages to paint a pathetic but realistic picture of society at that time. The film speaks out about topics such as poverty, prostitution, abortion, gender violence, financial difficulties, etc. It was banned under Spanish censorship in an effort to mask the reality in Spain at that time.

It is known as the “cursed film” (película maldita) of director Fernando Fernán Gómez, given the difficulties faced during its filming, screening and distribution under Franco’s censorship. Life Goes On arrived in Spanish cinemas last summer in 2015 after 52 years of censorship, landing in Dutch cinemas a few months later.

Eloísa is a selfless wife and mother who lives with her husband, a local policeman who is more aggressive at home than elsewhere. Their son, dreaming of becoming a priest, spends his days studying and praying for the sins of his family. The two sisters, who share a tumultuous sibling rivalry, seek success, love and status in 1960s Madrid.

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