El verano que vivimos

About the film

A young female journalist receives a series of mysterious obituary notices. None of them signed. Always dedicated to a woman called Lucía. The notices hint at a story of love, friendship and betrayal set in the Jerez vineyards during the summer of 1958. A never-ending love that the protagonists, despite forty years to have passed, don’t want to forget. Some moments last for a lifetime.

In collaboration with Turespaña & Andalucia Tourism Board.

“An unequivocal and precious visual proof that the film is about the power of the story and the need to write it (or film it) so that it stays alive.”


2020 Goya Awards Nominee (Best Original Soundtrack and Best Song)

Stills from the movie


In collaboration with Tour España and Consejería de Turismo de Andalucía.
13 November
Pathé Tuschinski , 12,50€


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