En los márgenes On the fringe

About the film

Evictions leave tens of thousands of Spanish families out in the cold every year. The tense ensemble drama En los márgenes, led by performances from Penélope Cruz and Luis Tosar, makes a fist against social injustice.

The countdown of three characters with three interwoven stories who try to stay afloat and survive 24 key hours that may forever change the course of their lives. The film explores the effect of a situation of economic stress on personal relations and how affection and solidarity can provide the impetus to get ahead. A gripping race against the clock on the fringe of a big city. A film about family, love and solidarity.

En los márgenes puts faces to some of those statistics. In Spain there are 41,000 evictions a year, more than 100 a day. The film explores the impact of recession on the relationships between couples, parents, and children. And within that, the role that mothers play as providers of love and well-being within the family.

“A very interesting directorial debut by Juan Diego Botto, which eloquently (and effectively) speaks to his sense of place in the world and his perspective on the unease that makes our time so unsettling.”


Festivals & Awards Nominee:
Best actor, best actress, best novel direction • Goya Awards


26 November
Eye Filmmuseum 

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