The spectacular avant-garde choreographies of flamenco dancer Rocío Molina push at the boundaries of dance and the visual arts. She travels the world to perform her partly improvised impulsos at unusual venues such as modern art museums. This bio-doc follows Molina in the months leading up to a new show at Chaillot National Theater in Paris.

Rehearsals and performances alternate with interviews with family members, friends, colleagues and accompanying musicians. Her mother explains how as a small and somewhat stocky girl wearing a pink ballet outfit, Molina found herself in Madrid surrounded by stylish flamenco dancers dressed in the more traditional black costumes. But from there she rapidly rose to the peak of her profession.

“It captures the essence of a fascinating artist (...) Molina's energy on stage is almost disturbing in its intensity.”

— The Hollywood Reporter

Festivals: IDFA 2017

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Rocio Molina

The iconoclastic choreographer Rocío Molina has coined her own artistic language based on a reinvented traditional […]

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'Impulso' screening followed by a Q&A with flamenco dancer Rocio Molina.

Spanish drinks will be served after the screening to celebrate Spanish cinema and culture!
06 November
Pathé De Munt , 12,50€


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