Intemperie Out in the Open

About the film

Set in the southern Spanish badlands, this brilliant adaptation from the novel by Jesús Carrasco unpacks the surrogate father-son relationship between a runaway and a shepherd. Western, thriller, road movie… the film is raw and rough and represents a flight to faith in the human condition.

A boy escaped from home, listening, crouched in the depths of his hiding place, the cries of the men who seek him. When the game passes, what remains before him is an infinite and arid plain that he must cross if he wants to get away definitively from what has made him flee. His steps will intersect with those of a pastor and, from that moment, nothing will be the same for either of them.

“The film’s bleak, elemental power and sometimes disturbing portrait of a society ruled by violence ultimately make for a worthwhile journey.”

— Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

Festival & Awards Winner: 5 Nominations & 2 Goya Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay & Song, Official Selection at Seminci 2019.

Stills from the movie


Special event: The screening will be introduced by an online presentation with director Benito Zambrano.
29 October
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31 October
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10 December
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10 December
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