La calle de los pianistas Pianists Street

La calle de los pianistas Pianists Street

About the film

In a little street in Brussels named Rue Bosquet, two identical buildings stand together. In one of these buildings lives the famous Argentine concert pianist Martha Argerich, one of the most temperamental pianists of her time. Next door we find the Tiempo Lechner family, renowned by their lineage of piano prodigies, all of whom have performed on the world’s most prominent stages: the matriarch and pedagogue Lyl Tiempo, her renowned children Sergio Tiempo and Karin Lechner, and Karin’s very young daughter Natasha, only fourteen years old.

Natasha, the last promise of Pianists Street, has to bear the legacy of four generations of great musicians. At an age when, naturally, the question of her future arises, Natasha starts to wonder: what does it actually mean to be a pianist?

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Special guest

Karin Lechner

Born in Buenos Aires, Karin Lechner is among the best piano teachers and performers of […]

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