La enfermedad del domingo Sunday's Illness

La enfermedad del domingo Sunday's Illness

About the film

A perfectly calibrated drama boasting exquisite attention to detail, revealing itself through elegant visuals as much as astonishing performances. With breathtaking elegance and stunning assurance, Ramón Salazar takes a melodramatic chestnut and makes it flower with unexpected emotion in La enfermedad del domingo, one of the genuine discoveries of the 2018 Berlin Film Festival.

In this film Salazar sends his charismatic lead actors Bárbara Lennie and Susi Sánchez into an extraordinary family conflict from his very own script. Impressively composed pictures depict an existential trip with unexpected twists and a disturbing climax.

Stills from the movie

Special guest

Ramón Salazar

Ramón Salazar (born 28 May 1973 Málaga) is a Spanish film director and screenwriter. He […]

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