La estrella azul The blue star

La estrella azul The blue star

About the film

In the rolling nineties, Mauricio, a famous Spanish rock musician, travels to Latin America in a desperate attempt to rekindle the flame of his passion for music. During his journey, he meets Don Carlos, a veteran musician going through hard times who kindly takes in the strange visitor, acting as his musical master Miyagi. Their unexpected encounter leads to an odd musical alliance that, although it has all the makings of a total commercial failure, will mark the beginning of an unforgettable Quixote-like adventure.

THE BLUE STAR, a fiction film inspired by the life of Spanish musician Mauricio Aznar, a fundamental and endearing figure on Spain’s 1990s rock scene, who found a new passion for life and folk music on a self-discovery trip through the picturesque Argentinean interior. A beautifully universal film about the search for one’s vocation and a delectable musical journey that’s set to become one of the most unique debuts in recent Spanish cinema.



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