La hija de un ladrón A Thief’s Daughter

La hija de un ladrón A Thief’s Daughter

About the film

An emotionally powerful drama from debut filmmaker Belén Funes, charts the trials and tribulations of a single mother with a singular sense of purpose.

Sara has been alone all her life. She is 22 years old and has a baby, her wish is to have a normal family with his little brother and her baby’s father. Her own father, Manuel, after years of absence because he was in jail, decides to reappear in their lives. Sara knows he is her main obstacle and takes a difficult decision: to move him away from her and her brother.

Actress Greta Fernández, playing alongside her real-life father Eduard Fernández, gives an astounding performance as Sara, who is determined to forge a family around her and refuses to take no for an answer.

“Admirable performance by Greta Fernández. (...) The film drinks from the best European social cinema to build an austere drama that does not play sleazy because it does not need it. (...) Remarkable movie.”

— Elsa Fernández-Santos, El País

Festival & Awards Winner: Goya Award for Best New Director 2020, Silver Shell for Best Actress (ex-aequo) Greta Fernández at San Sebastián International Film Festival 2019

Gaudi Award for Best Film in non-Catalan Language, best Director and Screenplay

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30 October
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31 October
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