La puerta abierta The Open Door

La puerta abierta The Open Door

About the film

Rosa is a prostitute who inherited her profession from Antonia, her mother, who thinks she is Sara Montiel and who has turned her daily life into hell. Rosa does not know how to be happy. She finds it simply impossible. But the unexpected arrival of a new member to her odd family will give her a unique opportunity to achieve happiness.

It is a film about family. Women leaving La puerta abierta are very different, have come from different countries or living here for years. They love and fight in equal parts, but all form a vital and hilarious group almost like a real family.

Stills from the movie

Special guests

Asier Etxeandía

Asier Etxeandia (born 27 June 1975) is a Spanish actor, whose work encompasses television, theatre […]

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Marina Seresesky

Marina Seresesky (Buenos Aires, December 20, 1969) is an Argentine film director, screenwriter, and actress […]

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