About the film

Antonia Singla was born in the suburbs of Barcelona and became deaf shortly after birth, so she learned to dance flamenco without hearing the music, by sensing vibrations and imitating rhythm. At the age of 17, she revolutionized the world of flamenco, becaming a star of Europe’s stages due to her exceptionally passionate expression. She was painted by Salvador Dali, featured in an Oscar-nominated film. But before she turned 30 she disappeared forever from the stage. Fifty years later, a young woman finds some old archives and is captivated by her. La Singla seems to hide something tragic behind her gaze and transmits a passion that goes beyond dance. Why had she never heard of her before? So she decides to unravel the mystery surrounding La Singla’s disappearance and sets out on a journey to find her and learn her heartbreaking story firsthand.

To set the mood, the premiere of La Singla will feature a special performance by the Flamenco choir ‘Tiri Tiri‘. This diverse group of Flamenco enthusiasts embarked on their journey under Yota Baron’s singing classes in 2019. An a cappella performance will follow the documentary screening to bring the art of ‘cante jondo’ from Amsterdam to the world.

“I have never been happy, but I have always had a smile”


Festivals & Awards Winner:

World Premiere Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 2023 National Premiere • Málaga Film festival 2023


24 November
Eye Filmmuseum 

Stills from the movie


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