La vida es sueño Life is Dream

About the film

In the end of the 1960s, Vanesa’s parents fled the Franco-regime’s deep poverty to pursue their dream in the Netherlands. Working their blue-collar jobs for hours and hours, for over 45 years, their purpose was to return to Spain wealthy and comfortable. There, in a house full of Dutch porcelain and shiny gold, they can now finally rest. Vanesa was raised and resides in the Netherlands, but still feels trapped in their expectant illusion, even with the distance between them. Torn between two homes, she starts to re-examine her past. What kind of life did they truly live? And did she have the freedom to make her own life decisions?

“In a surreal narration full of marvellous images, Vanesa dissects the dream of her parents who fled the deep poverty of Spain for the Netherlands.”

— Basaltfilm

Festivals & Awards Winner: Premiere September 26th 2020 during NFF 2020.


31 October
Pathé Tuschinski 2
01 November
Pathé Tuschinski 2
13 December
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11 November
Vitamine Cineville 

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