Las Consecuencias Consequences

About the film

Fabiola (Juana Acosta), a 40 years old woman, doesn’t like the lewd way her father looks at his 13-year-old daughter. She travels to a little island to visit her mother. Her intuition tells her that nothing is like it seems and the secrets could be linked to an accident that, many years ago, changed her life.

She becomes a spy within her own nuclear family. However, Fabiola will be faced with a debate between fear of what she may find and the need for certainty. And it is that, as much as she fears to open her eyes, she cannot always ignore reality and look the other way. Las consecuencias / Consequences talks about the fine line between love and desire, and the need to protect those we love.

“The contemplative narrative and the actors, inward, turn the film into a mystical experience, marked by the aesthetics and the light. It is scorching, perhaps even emphatic and very interesting.”

— Cinemanía

Festivals & Awards: 2 Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2021

Stills from the movie


This film will be released this winter thanks to Paradiso Film.
13 November
Pathé Tuschinski , 12,50€


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