About the film

Mamántula is the boy everyone desires, but he is also, secretly, a giant spider cross-dressed as a human, fruit of a brief encounter in a far-off paradise. In an alternative past of brutalist saunas, never-ending subway corridors and detectives in trench coats and hats, each of Mamántula’s lovers succumb to the insatiable lust of blood and semen; yet another thread in the stellar spider’s web he is weaving so that he can return to the dimension to which he belongs.

Dreadful and gory killings create panic in the queer community: a semen thirsty killer is on the loose and nobody is safe. In this humorous and provocative gem, Ion de Sosa creates an alternative present in which the surreal takes the lead to narrate yet another threat that the LGBTQIA+ community needs to face. Savvily playing with genres from noir through to sci-fi, Mamántula explores cinematic queerness at its most compelling.



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