Matar cangrejos Killing crabs

About the film

Rayco, an 8-year-old boy, and his 14-year-old sister Paula are killing their time as good as they can while anxiously awaiting Michael Jackson’s arrival in Tenerife. But their mother has become pregnant by a foreigner, and their lives could change before the singer arrives on the island. The film deals with the sudden arrival of early adulthood, the search for father figures, the paradoxical rejection of anything from the outside, youthful complicity, illegal immigration and fear of tourism.

Killing Crabs is a portrait of a certain time and space: Tenerife in the 90s. The childhood of screenwriter and director Omar Razzak. A family portrait from the point of view of two siblings about to leave childhood behind.

“Bringing naturalism to life and opening up possibilities for the new wave of Canarian cinema”


Festivals & Awards Winner:

Best feature film Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival 2023 • Best feature film Málaga International Film Festival 2023


25 November

Stills from the movie


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