My Mexican Bretzel

About the film

Intimate diary of a woman from a well-to-do background illustrated through the homespun films of her husband, a wealthy industrialist, between the ‘40s and ‘60s of last century. The film is also a classic melodrama in the style of Douglas Sirk or Todd Haynes, with highly sensitive emotions. A lightening tour of the old Europe. A romantic fantasy.

The film opens with black-and-white clips of pilots during World War II in Switzerland, subtitled with excerpts from –so we are told – the diary of Vivian Barrett. She talks about herself and her husband Léon, who partly lost his hearing in an accident with his plane and could no longer fly. The couple’s glamourous life then unfolds in diary excerpts and footage shot by Léon, about whom we also learn that he developed a successful antidepressant, and had an obsession with many different forms of transportation.

“The newcomer Nuria Giménez enchants with this documentary about the elaboration of lies, such as the placebo effect caused by the cinematographic artifice itself.”

— Alfonso Rivera, Cineuropa

“My Mexican Bretzel not only seeks the truth through lies like any artistic creation, but also shows its nature of recreation, of falsification of reality inherent to cinema itself.”

— Ramón Rey, Cine Maldito

Festival & Awards Winner: Best Film, Best Director & Screenplay at Gijón Film Festival 2019, Found Footage Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020, Audience Award at D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2020, Visions du Réel 2020


30 October
Eye Filmmuseum 1
01 November
Pathé Tuschinski 2
12 December
LantarenVenster 1
14 December
Pathé Buitenhof 4
11 November
Vitamine Cineville 

Stills from the movie


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