About the film

Yuli tells the story of the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta (who plays himself), from his beginnings in a poor neighborhood of Havana until becoming the star of one of the biggest ballet companies in the world.

Yuli (Carlos’s nickname) is a gifted boy who doesn’t want to be a dancer but who, forced by his father Pedro, and tutored by the professor and director of the Cuban National School of Ballet, Cherry, will become one of the best dancers of his generation, breaking taboos on becoming the first black dancer to play Romeo at the Royal Ballet in London, where he forged his stellar career and his legend for 17 years.

Yuli is a film about roots, about the relationship between Carlos and his father, with his family, and with Cuba. The film is about art, about the sacrifice of dedicating one’s life to that art, and, above all, about what we are.


30 September
OBA Oosterdok  €5,00

Stills from the movie


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