ASFF 2022 Opening Film & Guest Announcement

ASFF 2022 Opening Film & Guest Announcement

ASFF 2022 Opening Film & Guest Announcement

We are thrilled to announce our Opening film for the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival 2022!

Rainbow directed by highly acclaimed director/ actor, Paco León will kick off our 2022 edition. Director Paco León will be presented and the lead actress & singer Dora will be performing some fragments from the original soundtrack after the premiere. This is a truly special, unique experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Spanish drinks and ham will be followed to welcome you to the Opening Night!

Date: Wednesday 5-10-2022 at Pathé Tuschinski
: Paco León
Cast: Dora, Ester Expósito, Rossy de Palma, Carmen Maura, Hovik Keuchkerian
Spain / 118 mins / 2022
Spanish with English subtitles


Rainbow narrates the initiatory journey of a teenager in a contemporary and very free version inspired by the literary classic “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Rainbow is set to be a modern-day iteration of Lyman Frank Baum’s famous 1900 classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which has, since its inception, undergone various adaptations and re-imaginations.

The film will revolve around Dora’s journey as the spirited teenager who embarks on a wondrous adventure in a premise steeped in contemporary cultural and aesthetic appeal, including fashion, arts, dance, and a whole rush of music.

The producer of the film says: “Rainbow represents the vibrant and heterogeneous moment that the film industry is experiencing right now, where creativity and quality shines,” “For this new adventure, we have surrounded ourselves with an irresistible combination of emerging and seasoned talent, both in front and behind the scene. This is the best possible team to bring to the screen the wonders of Paco’s universe.

Directed by the highly acclaimed director and actor Paco Leon, known for his films Arde, Madrid and Kiki, Love to Love, etc., the film will be yet another reiteration of the beloved classic.

Special event!

Spanish drinks & ham will be served after the première to welcome you to the festival on the opening night!

About Paco León

Paco León (born 4 October 1974) is a highly acclaimed Spanish actor, and director from Seville, Andalusia. He is known for his films Arde Madrid, Carmina y amén and Kiki, Love to Love, etc. His previous film; La tribu was showcased at ASFF 2018. He has been awarded several times with three Silver Frames, an Actors Union Award, Two Gold TP, Three Television Academy Awards, and an Ondas Award.

About Dora

Dora (born 9 April 2004) is a Spanish actress, model, and singer from Madrid, Spain. In 2020, she released the single Ojos de serpiente on the TV series Operación Triunfo, composed by herself and whose video clip was directed by Paco León. Rainbow, directed by Paco León is her debut film, with a starring leading role.


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