El Reino The Realm

About the film

Manuel López-Vidal (a superb Antonio de la Torre) is an influential politician ready to take the leap to the big leagues when a leak causes him to become involved in a corruption scandal. But when the party closes ranks against him, Manuel finds himself without power and without friends. But he is not going down alone. The Realm is a suspenseful, character-driven political thriller straight out of today’s headlines.

“Antonio de la Torre is magnetic (...) It finally delivers a wallop of a finale (...) but it’s really quite hard work at first.”

— Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

“A terrific performance from the reliable Antonio de la Torre (...) 'The Realm' is a fine example of concerned, contemporary cinema that also happens to be a lot of fun to watch.”

— Jonathan Holland: The Hollywood Reporter

“'The Realm' sports a large cast of expertly played characters (...) The restrained ominousness in Olivier Arson’s original score further ballasts the smooth thriller mechanics.”

— Dennis Harvey, Variety

Festival & Awards Winner: 7 Goya Awards: including Best Director, Screenplay & Actor, San Sebastian Film Festival 2018, Toronto International Film Festival TIFF 2018

Platino Awards for Best Actor (Antonio de la Torre) & Editing, Best Actor at Forqué Awards 2018, 5 Feroz Awards: including Best Drama Film, Director & Actor

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