About the film

Visually stunning, unsettling first feature about disfigured individuals is a wonderfully subversive and utterly moving piece of cinema.

A pregnant dwarf, a boy who think she’s a mermaid, a prostitute without eyes, a hopeless romantic with half her face melting off her skull and a lady with an anus in her face instead of a mouth – all of them look for love and a place in society.

They all live and love hidden away in strangely artificial interiors. As ‘freaks’, they rarely go out onto the street. A confrontation with the rest of the world could have fatal consequences.

Stills from the movie

Special guests

Eduardo Casanova

Eduardo Casanova (Madrid, March 24, 1991) is a Spanish actor, screenwriter and director. He is […]

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Álex de la Iglesia

Álex de la Iglesia (born 4 December 1965) is a Spanish film director, screenwriter, producer […]

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Carolina Bang

Carolina Herrera Bang (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, September 21, 1985), better known as Carolina Bang, […]

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