2018 Event overview

About the 4th edition

After the success experienced by the ASFF in the previous 3 editions, the 4th edition of ASFF was held from 29th May to 3rd June. This year’s program included a total of 25 films within 8 different sections bringing a total of 20 Dutch premières, 4 co-productions, 17 feature- fiction films and 8 documentaries in a six-day showcase of Spanish Cinema representing the richness and variety of our cinematography.

Tuschinski teats prepared for the Opening Night!
Lovely audience enjoying the Spanish experience
Fernando León de Aranoa with our amazing volunteers
Paco León with some festival volunteers!
Actor Maarten Dannenberg on stage
The film lovers enjoying the Spanish titles
Actor Ernesto Alterio with festival director Virginia Pablos
“Thank you for supporting cinema and to make it possible that those of us who make films can come and tell it to the people.”

Fernando León de Aranoa

“Thank you for bringing me to this awesome festival. (...) I am delighted to bring a film to the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival and meet fellow professionals. I want it to be the first of many more times that I come here.”

Paco León

“It is always a pleasure to show our work and our cinema outside our own country.”

Ramón Salazar

“Cinema is a very powerful weapon of cultural transmission. I love that AC/E makes it possible to bring Spanish Culture through cinema here in The Netherlands.”

Ernesto Alterio


ASFF 2018 included the presence of acclaimed and honoured filmmakers such as Fernando León de Aranoa, Ramón Salazar and Elena Martín. Also present were representatives of Spanish Cinema such as well known and versatile actress Carmen Machi, actor, director and screenwriter Paco León, actor Ernesto Alterio and the octogenarian, eccentric and extraordinary debut actress Julita Salmerón.

The number of visitors has increased again from the previous edition, with a total attendance of 4.344 visitors, a very positive indicator of the growing awareness of ASFF within the Amsterdam audience.

Our audience has enjoyed the variety of films in the program and the opportunities provided to be in contact and share thoughts with the filmmakers and actors during the Q&As, students have learned and enjoyed the activities specially prepared for them, and film professionals networked in the now well-known ambiance that has become intrinsically linked to our festival.

As a tradition, this 4th edition of ASFF included a special Launch Event to kick off the festival on May 1st with the première of El Presidente, and two exclusive opening and closing galas with the Dutch premières of Loving Pablo and Perfect Strangers, with the attendance of the acclaimed director Fernando León de Aranoa and the actor Ernesto Alterio as the main guests of the opening and closing films respectively.

With this edition ASFF presented yet another extraordinary line-up of recent Spanish films that were screened throughout the entire city of Amsterdam in the wonderful and impressive Tuschinski theater, at Eye Filmmuseum, het Ketelhuis, Pathé de Munt and at our new venue this year Cinecenter.

The festival featured films from various genres, demonstrating the compelling variety of current and classic Spanish Cinema in all its richness. From engaging thrillers to entertaining comedies, from moving dramas and exciting action movies to heartrending documentaries.

Furthermore, this year ASFF was proud to present the first Rotterdam Edition of the Festival, in which new audiences manifested their wish to continue having the possibility to watch more Spanish Cinema in their city thanks to Lantaren Vester.

Full program

Special guests

Carmen Machi

Carmen Machi (born 7 January 1963) is a Spanish actress. She’s mostly known for her […]

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Ernesto Alterio

Ernesto Alterio (born September 25, 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine-Spanish film actor […]

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Fernando León de Aranoa

Fernando León de Aranoa (born 26 May 1968) is an acclaimed Spanish screenwriter and film […]

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Julita Salmerón

Julita Salmerón is the protagonist of the documentary ‘Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo’, […]

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Paco León

A native of Seville (Spain), this versatile actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. His big break […]

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Ramón Salazar

Ramón Salazar (born 28 May 1973 Málaga) is a Spanish film director and screenwriter. He […]

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Elena Martín

Elena Martín (born in Barcelona in 1992) is a Spanish actress and director. Straddling cinema […]

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David Ransanz

‘Niñato‘ is the stage name of David Ransanz, a rapper from Madrid. For six years, David […]

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