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2021 marked the 7th edition of the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival from the 5th until the 14th of November. Every year ASFF makes a careful selection to showcase new trends of mainstream, independent, artistic and experimental Spanish films of that year. The program is intended to include the best films that Spanish cinema has to offer while offering our audiences a wide variety of options.

Once again the beautiful Pathé Tuschinski was the festival’s main venue. As the venue celebrated its 100-year anniversary, we were enormously proud to once again host our events at this wonderful Art Deco-style cinema in the center of Amsterdam. Our other venues included the modern Pathé De Munt, the prestigious Eye Filmmuseum, and our newest venue: the fantastic OBA, the public library of Amsterdam. By offering our films at this variety of venues, we hoped to reach a diverse audience, both in location and otherwise.

Photo: Edwin Muller Photography
Photo: Edwin Muller Photography


For the 7th edition, the film La Boda the Rosa was selected as the opening film. During these trying times, of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the festival wanted to offer its audiences something exceptional. The heartwarming film was presented in the presence of none other than the star of the film, and one of Spain’s true icons, Candela Peña. The night was filled with joy as she took the stage and impressed the audience with her talent and humor, all while being her wonderful down to earth self.

The opening night was only the beginning of this year’s 10-day long festival. Once again the festival combined both Spanish foods, drinks, renowned guests, and the best films that Spanish cinema has to offer, making sure that our guests had some unforgettable moments.

A total of 18 films were carefully selected for this year’s program. All films offered their own original view of what Spanish spoken cinema is today. In the selection, a wide variety of social issues are examined, each with its own clear artistic approach.

In the selection, both renowned and up-and-coming filmmakers were included. Filmmakers that push the boundaries, explore new grounds, and ones that showcase their craft executed to perfection: all showing in their own way what Spanish cinema has to offer.

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