2019 Event overview

About the 5th edition

Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival took the audience to a journey through Spanish cinema, Spanish culture and Spanish gastronomy in its 5th edition, from May 28th June to June 2nd 2019.

This year the festival celebrated its fifth anniversary showing the latest in Spanish cinema from the past year through a selection of the most original, the most interesting, and the most impressive Spanish films.

There was numerous Q&A’s, workshops, live music, Spanish parties… and after most of the films, Spanish drinks and tapas were served!

Pathé Tuschinski seats prepared for the audience
Lovely guests Bárbara Lennie and Inma Cuesta
Festival director Virginia Pablos
Director Inés de León in the photocall
Spanish party at De Bajes
“Anything I say about this festival or about the people who makes it wouldn't be enough. (...) Amsterdam has literally left me speechless, my voice has stayed there, and I think something else too...”

Eva Llorach

“I have no words to describe everything lived at the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival... Thank you!”

Moreno Borja

“When you watch your film in a cinema as beautiful as this one, something you imagined comes true! Wonderful things that happen.”

Nata Moreno


The ASFF 2019 opened with the mysterious drama Quien te cantará and the political thriller El Reino closed this edition full of highlights.

During the festival, the entire first season of the successful TV Series Arde Madrid was screened. We enjoyed main cast Inma Cuesta, Ana Castillo and Moreno Borja presence for a Q&A and afterwards, we could dance in De Bajes (Rembrandtplein) at the Arde Amsterdam Party!

We brought you the European premiere of the music documentary Ara Malikian: Una Vida Entre Las Cuerdas to in Amsterdam. Afterwards, the artist offered our audience a live performance!

During the ASFF, the Dutch premiere of Elisa & Marcela took place and director Isabel Coixet created a special photo exhibition in the public library of Amsterdam (OBA).

In the special double bill program The Passage of Time, ASFF paid tribute to Isaki Lacuesta by screening two of his films: La leyenda del tiempo and Entre dos aguas; two films with the same protagonists but showing them in two stages of life, with a difference of 12 years in time.

Very special guests like Bárbara Lennie, Inma Cuesta, Anna Castillo, Leticia Dolera, Inés de León, Eva Llorach, Najwa Nimiri, Carolina Yuste and Moreno Borja joined us this amazing 5th anniversary of the festival!

Special guests

Anna Castillo

Anna Castillo presented the film Viaje al cuarto de una madre in the past edition […]

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Bárbara Lennie

Bárbara Lennie joined us in the 2019 of the festival to present her latest films […]

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Carolina Yuste

Carolina Yuste, born in Badajoz in 1991, is a Spanish film, theater and television actress, […]

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Eva Llorach

Eva LLorach joined us in the 2019 edition of the festival presenting ‘Quien te cantará‘ […]

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Inés de León

Inés de León is a Spanish director, screenwriter, actress and publicist. In 2019 she visited […]

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Inma Cuesta

Inma Cuesta visited us twice in Amsterdam, both for the 2nd and 5th editions of […]

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Moreno Borja

Moreno Borja is a Spanish actor with gypsy origin known for his role in the […]

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Anna R. Costa

Anna R. Costa attended at the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival in 2019 to present her […]

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